pebbleThe Pebble Smartwatch has been a hit ever since it launched it’s KickStarter campaign and earned a whopping ten million dollars. It’s finally begun shipping to early adopters as well as some pre-orders but still isn’t officially available to buy on their website. According to a leaked image the Pebble Smartwatch might be going on sale in it’s first and only brick and mortar store, BestBuy as early as Sunday 7.

The claim comes from two BestBuy employees who say that they were briefed by management that their stores will begin selling the smart watch. Following the claim an internal image was also leaked backing up the employee’s claims. The leaked image shows the BestBuy inventory system which classifies the rumoured product as a “digital communication appcessory” – an accurate description of the Pebble (as well as many other appcessories like the FitBit)

From the leaked image it also looks like the “appcessory” will be coming in stock on Sunday the 7th which coincides with BestBuy’s usual stock delivery system. Whether or not the smartwatch will go on sale that day or a few days later, remains to be seen.

We’re currently awaiting confirmation from BestBuy.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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