Iron Man armour top 5

Iron Man armour top 5So Iron Man has a lot of armours, the relationship to his armour is similar to that of an averages persons relationship with Primark trainers. This reflected the progressing world of technology and how his suit constantly advanced.

In the early days the technology in the suit would change and would somehow overcome that months bad guys, though in general the appearance wouldn’t change. To contradict the films, Stark kept the grey armour for a quite a while, then gave it a gold paint job to make it look less scary and before finally settling in a slim gold and yellow model to overcome yet another villain.

So here’s my top 5 favourite armours Tony Stark has donned in mainstream and alternate continuities. For change let’s go backwards as if were getting progressively better like technology.

im ultimate ps

5. Ultimate Iron Man armour – The Ultimate continuity is basically a writers playground for writers to experiment with characters. In this reality Stark is a teen genius with a brain tumour set to kill him this resulted in his body turning into a huge brain.

This armour is a lot more mechanical and more realistic looking. It’s originally mistaken to be a robot. The best way to describe is that it looks like a Transformer without all the vehicle bits.

Ironman mazinger

4. The other Ultimate Iron Man – During the Marvel Mangaverse series, this universes Avengers piloted a series of vehicles which created the ‘Ultimate Iron Man’ a giant Megazord style robot.

Created by a bodyless Tony Stark to combat huge threats no one hero could withstand alone. It comes complete with it’s special striking moves.


3. God killer Armour – Currently this suit can be seen in the recent Iron Man run where Tony decides he must go and explore space in an Iron Man suit.

Complete with an interesting and new helmet design blending in with the exotic nature of the Marvel alien universe.
It comes complete the with charming artificial system PEPPER as well.

I wonder why he named it that ?


2. Hyrdo Armour – I take lot of stick for liking this amour from my friends. It’s a suit basically designed for going under water.

It makes sense since not all of The Avengers threats exist topside to have a suit for getting wet.

1. px Ironman Transformers Armour – The Avengers meet the Autobots, Stark built a huge suit of armour, what’s not cool about that ?

So there you have it, my top 5 Iron Man armours. Do you have any suggestions or a reason why you think one should be here instead of another? Let me know in the comments below!

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