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Marvel top 5 main imageLet’s face it, holidays aren’t the best idea, well not in this universe anyway. So let’s talk about a little scenario I have – say I could give you access to a device which could transport to the Marvel Universe, where would you go?

Woah! Before you can answer why I don’t give my Top 5 places in the Marvel Universe you probably should go.

Horizion labs

Starting at 5. Horizon Labs – The current place of employment for one Peter Parker. Though it’s amazing but superior heroes aren’t the only things on offer here.

Chance a guided tour around the labs and slip off, because that’s the only way to have a good time. If you do so you’ll find various quirky geniuses bringing science fiction to life before your very eyes as these gifted men and women in science are using big science to make huge changes to the world.

Infinite Mansion

4. The Avengers Infinite Mansion – Let’s be honest normal mansions are boring. Infinite ones are infinitely better compared.

Created by Hank Pym to house his team of Avengers during Normans Obsorn’s brief stint of being in charge of US national security. The mansion itself is houses in another dimensional space and contains various bits of Avengers memorabilia.

So if you want to have a holiday were you use your brain, why not use to mop up bit and bobs about Avengers history ?

3. New York – Not normal New York. No this New York is filled to brim with superheroes and super villains.

A tale on each of street with the clash of good and evil, re told by heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage and many more.

Savage Land

2. The Savage Land – So Jurassic Park was flawed but in the Savage land you’ll get dinosaurs and sort-of cavemen.

That’s right if you travel out to the Arctic you’ll find an micro climate which houses a land time literally forgot. A jungle in the middle of tonnes of snow.

Just watch out, because Magneto has tendency of using it as base for many evil schemes.

Negative Zone

1. The Negative Zone – Just imagine that you’re having a sightseeing stroll about New York and by chance you walk past the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four and something goes wrong.
One of Reed Richards clever, but not so well thought of inventions, rips a hole into the alternate dimension, the Negative Zone.

It’s basically outer space but much weirder and with a cool looking alien, Annihilus.

So that’s my Top 5 places you should visit in the Marvel Universe, are their any places you think I should have mentioned? Leave a comment below!

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