Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Rome 2When it comes to big titles on the PC you’ve gotta know what the recommended PC specs are so you can rush out and upgrade your system (if needs be) so you don’t miss out on such a hugely anticipated game – that’s what I think anyway, but I’m not a PC gamer. Either way whether you’re just interested if your PC can run Total War: Rome II or you’re genuinely interested in what power is needed to run such a stunning game I have that information for you!

The game’s minimum requirements are:

OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3, vertex texture fetch support).
Hard Drive: 35 GB HD space
Screen Resolution: 1024×768

Recommended requirements are:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor:2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics:1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080

Total War: Rome II is scheduled for release on September 7 for PC. The developers Creative Assembly are also looking to launch the game on Mac but details are pretty hazy in that area.

Total-War-Rome-2-preview-3I managed to grab a quick go on Total War: Rome II at Rezzed the weekend before last, it was a pretty stunning game to look at but personally I found it a little same-old. I’m not really into Real Time Strategy games, I just tend to send all of my army into battle at once so I get to see that dramatic clash between the two squadrons – I did that at Rezzed and it looked amazing.

I have heard that this game is going to involve an intricate politics system where players must vie for power within their fraction. This is obviously something that couldn’t really be shown in a demo at a game even or no-one would have been able to have a go but from what I played, fans of RTS games are going to love it.

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