God of War: Ascension

God of War: AscensionWant to get free access to God of War: Ascension’s 11 weapons DLC absolutely free? Well from now until the weekend you can. All you need to do is load up God of War: Ascension and find the weapons unlocked and ready for when you open up and jump in to customise your warrior. Neat!

“This week, bring some Olympus style fireworks to the God of War: Ascension Arena with our Arsenal of the Gods Preview Extravaganza! We are unlocking our entire arsenal of available DLC weapons for a free extended preview in-game.” wrote Aaron Kaufman Community Strategist at Sony Santa Monica Studio on the PlayStation Blog.

The 11 weapons available to test drive include:

  • Spear of Phobos
  • Spear of Hyperion
  • Hammer of Atlas
  • Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Blade of Thanatos
  • Blade of Artemis
  • Mjolnir Hammer
  • Blade of Judgment
  • Mercenary Blade
  • Champions Hammer
  • Champions Blade

What you’ll have to bear in mind is that this is a DLC preview and not a limited giveaway, that means all experience earned with the DLC weapons during the test drive won’t count unless you purchase the DLC after the event. So why not try your hand with the Hammer of Atlas, or the Mercenary Blade for a few days to see how they feel and if you’re impressed purchase the DLC!

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