turtlestrikeTurtles are cute right? They walk around all slow and stuff having a good old chomp on leaves. When they’re frightened they hide away in their shells, what’s not adorable about that? How about when they strap some rockets to their backs and go all modern warfare on your ass? At least that’s what happens in TurtleStrike, a brand new multiplayer game for iOS and Android.

Developers eeGon announced today the release of their multiplayer only competitive strategy game that pits two teams of turtles armed to the nines with deadly weapons in order to eliminate each other. The game features real-time turn based battles between you and an opponent from around the world.

eeGon think that TurtleStrike is competitive. So competitive that they’ve put $5000 on the line in the Red Tide $5,000 Tournament which anyone could enter to win the grand prize of $3000. Now that’s got you interested hasn’t it? For more info on the tournament check out the rules page. That’s not all though, eeGon plan on holding several tournaments with more cash rewards to it’s definitely worth it – what’s more, the game is free!

So to sum it up, we’ve got turtles, we’ve got heavy weapons, we’ve got competitions, we’ve got live matches, and we’ve got a huge missile named Bertha, what more would you want?

Grab TurtleStrike from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

Be sure to check out n3rdabl3 tomorrow for our review!

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