turtlestrikeThere’s nothing quite like a 1 v 1 multiplayer game where two teams of turtles are pit against eachother in a battle to the death, that’s exactly the sort of thing you’ll find in TurtleStrike, a brand new multiplayer competitive strategy game from eeGon that’s available right now on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

TurtleStrike is primarily a turn based, point and click, one versus one strategy game where players must try and outwit their opponent using a series of four different actions as well as a bonus weapon that has a specific recharge rate depending on which you choose. You start of with a fairly basic green turtle, y’know, the type we’re all used to, with a flimsy looking wooden catapults on top of their shells.

TurtleStrikeOnce you’ve chosen your username you can begin to jump straight into a game. The matchmaking itself is pretty solid, you’ll never be placed against someone who’s more experienced than you and if you are you’re prompted beforehand so you can choose whether to keep looking, or go ahead with what I can assume will be an impossible battle.

The overall look of the game is gorgeous. Your turtles take on a quite cartoony and square appearance, but the environments you play in are great looking with the water itself looking almost real. This does however cause the game to be pretty power hungry so if you’re concerned about battery life I’d refrain from playing too often. Each level also has a whole host of environmental hazards such as mines and barrels of toxic liquid which if hit or accidentally swam into could be devastating to your turtles.

The gameplay itself flows really well. Unlike most turn-based games you don’t have to wait for your opponent to make a move because there’s a rather brief time period to make your move. Unlike games like Worms both of your moves are executed at the same time so you get the chance to defend yourself, move out of the way, or intercept their projectiles depending on what you’ve chosen.

Screenshot_2013-07-26-14-37-20The way to play is also pretty simple, you’re given a three groups of four turtles (in my formation anyway) and four different actions to execute; block, fire airborn missiles, fire under water torpedoes, or move. The first three moves you can customise if you so wish to even more powerful weapons but that’ll cost you either AP which are points you earn within the game, or EG (eeGons) which are the more premium currency that use real money or the completion of various challenges to acquire. The game itself is really more about tactics and trying to predict what your opponent is going to do next, if you take the simple “fire until everyone is dead” approach you’ll probably find that you’re the one who’ll lose so tactical movement is the key.

Navigating around the play area needs some work though. Using two fingers you can pan and zoom around the level but someone must have set the sensitivity up full because it can become almost impossible to get the game into a position you like, which then resets after every turn anyway. A little frustrating to say the least.

Screenshot_2013-07-26-14-40-27In terms of customisation there’s a hell of a lot you can do in this game such as changing your formation, something I mentioned earlier, as well as the appearance your turtles can take. There’s a wealth of skins which can be unlocked such as the Pink Tribe, the Skeleton Tribe, and the Pirate Tribe. Much like Worms, you can also name each of your turtles to something that suits you better.

If you fancy splashing the cash for various amounts of EG you can purchase different environments to battle in such as a Shipwreck environment, and an Oil Rig, but the price of acquiring EG as well as the price of the environments might be something I’ll choose to miss out on.

Aside from making your turtle clan looking pretty there’s a massive arsenal of weapons to choose from each with their own different attribute. I should also mention that they also have limited ammo so use them wisely. There’s also a series of bonus weapons which if used correctly can cause a massive amount of damage on the opposition. If used incorrectly they can turn on you and that’s definitely not something you want.

Overall TurtleStrike is far from original when it comes to the gameplay but that doesn’t mean that it’s not enjoyable because it really is. In a game that’s fairly familiar to Worms, TurtleStrike does a good job in not mimicking the same game mechanics. TurtleStrikes addictive and simple gameplay is what’ll keep me playing this game, the added cash tournaments just add to the experience. Aside from my phone turning into a handheld heater as I play, the game deserves almost top marks from me if it wasn’t for the slight delay between each turn ending, there’s around 5 seconds of silence until the next round starts which can become annoying. I was also left at once point waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the opposition to make their move, so much for the timer..

TurtleStrike does have some great potential and if the developers can keep working on the game it should eventually become a pretty awesome game to play. It doesn’t cost a thing so it’s at least worth a try right?

TurtleStrike can be picked up for free from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

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