ubuntutouchI’ve been keeping my beady eyes on Canonical’s Ubuntu mobile OS since it’s announcement in January this year and one of the major deciding factors as to whether this Linux operating system will be making it’s way onto mobile was whether smartphone manufacturers and carriers adopted the OS.

With Android and iOS leading the smartphone generation it’s pretty difficult for any new mobile operating system to make any sort of mark, look at BlackBerry 10 for example, BlackBerry is a pretty popular smartphone and when it launched it’s touch based OS earlier this year everyone thought it would be the rebirth of BlackBerry – it wasn’t.

With other mobile OS’ looking to make an impact on the smartphone market the Ubuntu Touch OS has got a lot of work to do to turn the heads of mobile carriers and smartphone manufacturers, something which they seem to be doing as Verizon has just joined the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group giving Ubuntu a better chance of being the next mobile OS.

“Verizon Wireless is joining Ubuntu’s Carrier Advisory Group to participate in technology discussions around this new platform, which has the ability to bring new and exciting features to developers and ultimately, customers.” – Samir Vaidya, Member of the Device Technology Team at Verizon Wireless”

It’s not quite a winning victory just yet. Canonical have got a lot of work to do to contend with two other highly anticipated mobile operating systems; Firefox OS and Tizon OS, both of which have been making waves recently.

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