Undead Labs will not bring multiplayer to State of Decay through DLC

Undead Labs will not bring multiplayer to State of Decay through DLC - n3rdabl3

Jeff Strain of Undead Labs, the developers behind open ended zombie survival game State of Decay, has announced that there are currently no plans to add multiplayer co-op to the title.

Through a forum post Mr Strain, who is executive producer at Undead Labs, shared the news with “fellow survivors” and explained the reasons behind the move.

Apparently when the game was in its infancy last year multiplayer options had to be cut due to technical issues and because of the open-world sandbox nature of the game. Initially there was hope from Undead Labs to add a multiplayer through some form of DLC after a timeframe of six months that they set themselves but Mr Strain has conceded that it is a larger project than they expected and have scrapped multiplayer for the title.

The possibility for a co-op option in State of Decay is apparently possible but currently Undead Labs are not willing to add the option because the integration would be sloppy and they do not want to release any sort of aspect of the game that is not up to their high standards, which is understandable really.

Alongside this any inclusion of multiplayer would supposedly get in the way of other support for the game, resulting in slowly title updates and other sorts of DLC either being scrapped or delayed.

Looking ahead there is hope for the swarms of State of Decay fans that have been asking for multiplayer options for State of Decay as it was announced in the same post that multiplayer will be at the heart of any future State of Decay title, a future title which has already been discussed with Microsoft.

The post from the executive producer may bring bad news but it is certainly a nice gesture, showing that Sate of Decay are not forgetting the fans and are listening to feedback and suggestions, as a multiplayer option for the game seems like a popular idea amongst players. Furthermore the developers coming and explaining why they are unable to provide co-op play is a nice touch, as they could have easily just excluded the option and not updated the fans.

Any State of Decay fans out there who are already eagerly anticipating the next title to get their hands on a bit of multiplayer zombie survival fun? On the other hand are there any players that feel the game is good as it is, with just single player and concerned that a multiplayer aspect could take away from the playability? Let me know in the comments below.

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