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vine updateThose who thought Twitter were going to pack Vine, their 6 second video sharing app into a suitcase and bury it in a dessert somewhere never to be spoken of again after Instagram allowed users to create videos were wrong (of course they were wrong, you cant bury an app..can you?).

Yesterday evening Vine received the biggest and best update yet, it also seems like they’ve been listening to you cursing at your phone as to what features the app should have, this update will make the casual and hardcore Vine users really happy.

Firstly and probably most importantly the camera has had a make over, focusing is now possible, a grid has been brought in making it easier to frame your shots and the new feature I am most excited about ‘Ghost Tools’.

Ghost Tools, accompanied by it’s adorable ghost icon, allows users to see the exact position of the last frame, making it SO much easier to create loop videos and stop motion, both hugely popular in the world of Vine.

The update has also boosted the channels on the explore page from 6 to 15 which means it’s easier for your video to be noticed, the 15 categories including comedy, music and cats also contain their own popular feed so there are now more ways to put yourself out there as well as consume the videos you are most interested in.┬áIf they haven’t already armed you with enough tools to fight for popularity you can now find a feature called ‘On The Rise’ on the explore page, this showcases those gaining popularity.

Next, an obvious step considering of course Vines parent company is Twitter is the introduction of Re-Vine, exactly like a retweet, one click of a button and everyone else on your feed will be able to see that video of the derpy dog with it’s head hanging out of the car window.

Finally, Vine have made it possible for you to choose who you share with, previously privacy was not a thing where Vine were concerned. Simply by going into your settings you can now choose to share only with your followers, I think this feature is a little pointless but that’s because I love the cluster-fuck of funny and weird strangers you find on Vine.

This update is currently only available on iOS.

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