vineVine for Android has had a bit of a rocky start, from the very beginning users couldn’t download the app due to demand, then the app was so full of bugs it was almost unusable, but over the past few weeks Vine have really pulled it out the bag improving the Android app no-end to make it the experience we all expect.

Vine’s latest Android update brings the app on par with the iOS version with the latest Explore channels and the revining feature. The new improved camera interface is here too which contains the ghosting feature, the ability to add a grid to line up your shots better, and finally we have the option to manually focus before we shoot.

Remember a little while ago I wrote about how Vine for Android will be getting unique features compared to the iOS version? Well one of those unique to Android features comes along in this update in the form of a capture widget. No longer do we have to open the app and then open the camera, we can begin shooting right from our home screen!

Vine have done a fantastic job of catching the Android app up with the iOS version. It’s still not quite perfect, but hats off to you Vine – you’re doing a top job.

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android is a pos.

Sent from my Galaxy S III running BronieToyotaMarshmellowx420’s Custom ROM

Aaron Richardson

Hey, thanks for your comment, what do you mean by “Android is a pos”?