Wunderlist, the superb todo list application created by 6Wunderkinder is getting a big update ahead of the product reaching 5 million registered users.

Wunderlist added support for teams and business not long ago and one of the most asked for features was that of allowing users to upload and share files. Well today, as Wunderlist has more then 40,000 teams and business using the pro service they are putting in just that. Say hello to files and business pricing plans. Files is a simple and powerful way for teams to upload, share and sync files. Business pricing is just as the name would suggest. A new model to help team as little a five to business as large as 500 plus get the most out of Wunderlist.

“As we close in on 5 million registered users and continue to see the numbers of teams using Wunderlist grow, we to want further strengthen our business offering. Our goal with Wunderlist Pro is to solve each and every single pain point that exists when working within a team.” Christian Reber, 6Wunderkinder founder and CEO.

Wunderlist_Pro_iPhoneThe files feature will let you attach almost anything from photos, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, sound files and much more. On mobile devices you even be able to attach photos from the camera meaning you can stay productive on the go. There is also no need to worry about file limits as Wunderlist pro boasts unlimited storage. As for the pricing model you are looking at around $22.99 a month for a team of 5 up towards $1,749.99 a month for 500 plus.

Though the new features are only for Wunderlist pro users it’s good to see that the product is growing. I’m sure many will have concerns for the pricing but knowing 6Wunderkinder they will listen to the users.

For more on Wunderlist and using the new pro features head over to www.6wunderkinder.com.

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