Xbox One white

Xbox One white

Prices of the upcoming gen of consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4, and their accessories is a topic that has been dominating rumours since major retailers have opened pre-orders for the consoles.

The prices seen on these websites have largely been confirmed as mere place holders, with figures of up to £430 for the Xbox One being put down as a temporary price until a RRP has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Now however there has been the first indication of prices surrounding the Xbox One, as the Microsoft Store has made a host of Xbox One peripherals live on their site.

The Microsoft Store have added accessories such as wireless controllers, play and charge kits and headsets to the Xbox One collection, which already boasts the Xbox One at $499.99 (around £325) and games at $59.99 (£39.99).

Prices for the peripherals are as follows:
Xbox One Wireless Controller $59.99 (£39.99)
Xbox One Chat Headset $24.99 (around £16)
Xbox One Play and Charge Kit $24.99 (around £16)
Xbox One Wireless Controller and Play and Charge Kit $74.99 (£49.99)

These prices may seem a little steep as it stands but some perspective is required and the prices aren’t too extortionate when compared to the prices of similar products for the 360 when it was first released.

Xbox 360 controllers were priced $49.99 back in 2005, with play-and-charge kits for the 360 were $20 and only available as a standalone package. This represents a $10 increase in pricing for the controller and $5 for the play-and-charge kit, both of which are not really high amounts when considering aspects such as inflation.

The Xbox One, which is due for release later this year, is rumoured not to feature a headset in the box, however there are whispers amongst some in the industry that Microsoft could perform yet another Xbox One based U-turn and reveal that headsets will ship with the console.

Information is pointing to a remodelled controller that will accompany the Xbox One, with Microsoft claiming the new controller will have “more than 40 technology innovations” that will make it better than the Xbox 360 controller.

The prices are in line with that of Microsoft’s biggest rival, as the Sony store also price Dualshock 4 controllers for the upcoming PS4 at $59.99

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