Have you ever wanted to record what happens on your iPhone screen? Whether it’s a gameplay video or you’re interested in doing tutorials you now have the chance with xRec for iPhone. Though I’m not sure it’ll be sticking around for too long.

At around $2 you can purchase xRec which has the ability to record everything that goes on, on your iPhone even those apps which prohibit screen grabs. Essentially what this app does is against Apple’s policy so if you’re looking for such an app I’d grab it quick. The app itself is fairly simple, you tap record to start recording, press the home key then do your business, go back to the app via the throbbing red *recording* notification, press stop and save the rendered video to your camera roll.

I haven’t read much about the video quality and I don’t have an iPhone to test it out, but if the reviews are anything to go by, users main problems are with the huge red notification bar.

xRec is still on iTunes at time of writing so grab it while you can.

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