twitch1In a brand new feature that’s available right now you can link your Twitch account with Steam, a move which hopes to allow users to collect in-game items whilst watching online streams. For some of you this might seem quite confusing, but for those who are fans of DOTA 2 they’ve always had to choose between watching streams via Twitch or in game – the latter of which was the only option which allowed viewers to benefit from in-game item drops which would randomly “drop” during events.

That is until now. Twitch announced recently that you can now link your Twitch account to Steam  so you can happily watch DOTA 2 matches on Twitch and benefit from in-game item drops, providing your Steam account has the required virtual ticket for the event.

To link your account, visit the “Connections” page of your Twitch account settings.

[Source: Twitch Blog]

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