zynga-logoEver since Bang With Friends got noticed it’s not exactly been featured in the most positive light. First with the overall concept and second because of the glitch that revealed who on your friends list is “DTF”. Now however it’s a less shady reason why Bang With Friends is in the spotlight; Words With Friends developer Zynga are suing the makers of the casual sex app because the name infringes on the ‘With Friends’ family of games.

At first it seemed obvious that this was going to happen but it has taken around a year for Zynga to make a move on Bang With Friends. Zynga doesn’t just want to give Bang With Friends Inc. a simple slap on the wrist however. They’re after blood.

According to the complaint which was filed yesterday in a federal court in San Francisco, Bang With Friends Inc. “selected the name ‘Bang With Friends’ for its casual sex matchmaking app with Zynga’s game trademarks fully in mind,”. Zynga seek to ban the company from using the ‘With Friends’ trademark as well as releasing any apps with the name Bang With Friends along with unspecified damages.

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