Deal of the Day: Introversion Software Humble Weekly Sale

Deal of the Day: Introversion Software Humble Weekly SaleAnnounced yesterday evening the Humble Weekly Sale began which includes everything that introversion software has ever made at a “pay what you want” cost! This also includes a 33% discount on their latest Alpha of Prison Architect for only $19.99.

I’ve been a huge fan of Introversion Software ever since I played a demo of their hacker simulator, Uplink, which got me addicted to their other games such as Defcon and Darwinia. The current average amount paid for the bundle right now is just under $5 so if you’re one for keeping averages for less than five dollars you can grab Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia, and Defcon. Not only that you get source code access to those games as well as two tech demo’s; Voxel, and City Generator – literally everything that Introversion software has ever made!

Of course for $19.99 you can grab all of those plus Introversions latest game, Prison Architect, what’s bad about that? Oh yeah, nothing.

Head on over to the Humble Weekly Bundle now to grab this awesome collection of games!