Hack/Slash First Cut Review

tpb1iIf you like horror films, scantily clad women and freaky-ass monsters then you’re in the right place.  Let me introduce you to the comic Hack/Slash. What is it you ask?

Well if, like me, you like gory, murder-horror movies you’ll know that every ‘slasher’ film has its survivor, in this case the lovely Cassie Hack, lone survivor of The Lunch Lady Killings. Alongside her odd and monstrous (yet lovely) sidekick Vlad, Cassie goes around kicking horror hiney.

Hack is a hunter of slashers, creepy undead serial killers with a taste for teens; so, basically it’s all of your favourite horror plots rolled into one awesome comic. In this first volume you can expect to see zombie pets, an attack on ‘girls gone wild’ and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman fall victim to…wait for it…wait for it…the walking dead…Yeah I did.

So if you’re not already convinced that it is in fact awesome, let me tempt you some more. It’s filled with a perfectly healthy amount of gore, violence, and some amazing, sarcastic one-liners. No, seriously though, Cassie is a badass, Vlad is just…Vlad, which trust me, is awesome and the slashers are amazing (and in places, seriously creepy) creations.


The dialogue and story are inventions of Tim Seeley, a writer who seriously knows his slasher movie stuff and has an upmost respect for the cheesy style we’ve come to love.

The artwork for the first story was done by a different team to the second and third, the first being more dark and sketchy than the more animated style of 2 and 3, but both somehow fit the feel perfectly.

The only drawback for me is that personally I do prefer the more detailed, sketchy drawings of the first but the subsequent art is still awesome.

To be honest Hack/Slash is easy to love. It’s easy-going, funny, and really doesn’t take itself too seriously. It creates a seamless bond between B horror movie and humour with a thin blanket of bosoms just to make it that little bit better.

I’ve only just finished it and having a flick through to write this has left me considering taking another bite out of it. At least until I get my hands on number 2.

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