Skins I’d like to see for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is here if you hadn’t noticed. Injustice skins imageNeatherRealm have quite generous since the games April launch releasing a ton of DLC wich includes things from new characters to skins. No I’m not talking about a serial killer stealing someone else’s skin and grafting it on the Flash. I’m talking about alternate costumes, The Holy Grail of fighting games.

So far we’ve seen a lot skin packs based off popular alternate reality comic series like Superman Red Son, a story in which Superman lands in Russia instead of America.

The Blackest Night pack, this is based of a modern story event in which dead characters receive a black power ring like Green Lantern and turn into a zombie like state.

So what we would we like to see next ? If you have an idea why not post some in the comments section. In the meantime have a peep at some of my ideas.

Civilian clothes pack: We’ve seen them all in their fancy costumes. We have a faint idea that Clark Kent usually masks his identities with a pair of specs and a suit. But have you ever been curious as to what someone like Barry Allen AKA The Flash or Dianna Prince (Wonder Woman) would wear in their day to day lives ?

Would it be practical and how would the cover their costumes under their ‘normal’ clothes.

The Wild West Pack: It’s a distant alternate reality story where the Justice League and other DC main stays are re-imagined in the Wild West. Kid Flash especially is a quick draw artist, that’s clever right? Plus, how cool would Wonder Woman look in a cowboy hat?

Mecha Pack: For this one I’m borrowing a little from the Infinite Crisis Game. As you’ve probably read on this site, it would seem one of the alternate realities involved consists of robotic versions of the Jusitce League. Just imagine the mechanical genius behind a character like Superman?

DC Animated pack: If you’re my age or if you watch syndicated TV you probably know about the old Justice League, Batman and Superman cartoons. How about a skin based on those character designs? Those strangely streamlined yet un-defined features would look pretty special in those interactive arenas.

  • thisguy

    Young Justice pack (based on the show with the same name)
    YJ Killer Frost
    YJ Captain Marvel
    YJ Aquaman

  • Chavzthegr8

    How about a Superman skin of Bizzaro!

  • W.F


  • Guest

    When will they release the Man of Steel Zod skin?????

  • xman213

    The Brightest Day (White Lantern) skins for:
    And of course… Green Lantern.
    since they already added the Blackest Night (Black Lantern) skins to injustice, it makes sense to give them the Brightest Day skins.
    That way you can have a legendary battle of the two most powerful lantern corps. The white Lanterns of Life VS. the Black Lanterns of Death.