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cassie cainThis week I’m going to talk about a character which sadly the New 52 has erased, well at least for now. It’s time for a modern history lesson.

When the New 52 was announced one of the controversies centred around the new Batgirl title. The title planned to follow original Batgirl Barbara Gordon, who would return as Batgirl with previous successors never existing. Of course the main issue with that decision was that Barbara had been paralysed by the Joker shooting her in the back – this still happened, but thanks to modern science and medicine, she got over it, thus leaving the two previous long time successors non existent.

So today I’m going to talk about one of the no non existent Batgirls and highlight the fact that she was the first ethnic member of the Batman family.

Cassie was the love child of two of the worlds best assassins, Lady Shiva and David Cain. David was a member of Ra’s Al Ghul’s league of Assassins (a small arm in his criminal empire) and was working on creating the worlds best assassin from childhood. Cain didn’t bother teaching Cassie how to talk or read but viscously drilled martial arts into her, oh and on occasion in her training he would shoot and play a demented version of “two for flinching”.

Eventually she escaped his fathers cruel upbringing and eventually found herself in Gotham. When Gotham suffered a serious earth quake Cassie became one of the many agents of Barbra Gordon who went by technical super hero support, Oracle.

By impressing Batman and Oracle when she saved Commissioner Gordon’s life, she was given the identity of Batgirl. Slowly Cassie learned how to talk and read and her understanding of the world grew. Finally, unlike other members of the Batman family, Cassie’s detective skills didn’t come from conventional deduction, but from her years of martial arts training and her excessive TV watching.

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