antmanSo apparently Hank Pym was so small that he was forgotten in the Avengers. You see you’ll find that line really funny by the end of this article.

So Hank ‘Henry’ Pym. The controversial Avenger that represented the burden of depression, with a back-story tweaked more then a supermodels eyebrows.

Before Henry donned any kind of costume, he was a man on the way to an average married life. Already happily married and approaching middle age Henry’s perfect life was blown apart when his first wife Maria Trovaya was killed. Pym swore from then on to fight injustice in any way. possible.

After discovering a group of particles which could alter his size. He found his heroic crutch and he became the Antman with the ability to alter his size but retain his full size strength and helmet which could control bugs.

Pym eventually learned how to love again this time falling for socialite Janet Van-Dyne who went onto to become The Wasp – Who he would later marry.

Over the years Pym has had numerous superhero identities: Antman, Giantman, Goliath, Yellow Jacket and even The Wasp (when Janet briefly died). Through all of these incarnations his powers have varied from growing bigger or smaller with the smattering of flight as well.

Now we move onto the dark material.

Pym began to lose his thrill for crime fighting and felt his scientific career was going no where he got tipped into a nervous breakdown when bought up on an Avenger court martial from his reckless actions in the field.

By this point Janet was a successful fashion designer and the chief bread winner of the Pym household.

Henry would verbally abuse her and took it to far when he decided to build a robot only he could defeat to attack the Avengers and have him look the hero. Janet protested and he struck her. This begun the turbulent mess of the Pym’s relationship.

Pym’s drifted through the Marvel universe with mistakes like this and Ultron hanging around his neck. It was made worse when the alien Skrull which replaced him during the Skrull invasion engineered a batch of Pym Particles which killed Janet.

Will all this be in Antman the movie? I somehow doubt it.

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