In Machinama’s ‘Inside Gaming Daily’ they were quoted as having a “well placed anonymous source” saying Sony would be announcing a PS4 + PS Vita bups4.vitandle around the end of the year; with a price tag of $500.

If true, this would be an amazing offer. Not only would you be saving around $150, but you would also be able to enjoy all the neat features Sony is including between the PS4, and PS Vita. Features such as playing all your PS4 games remotely on your Vita as long as the console is on, and you have an internet connection. Also, game developers can choose to include the use of the Vita as a sort of tablet controller for their games; similar to the Wii U.

This would certainly be a good strategy to hopefully sell some hardware, and software for the struggling PS Vita. A fantastic handheld that unfortunately has not hit its stride such as its competitor the Nintendo 3DS, thanks to big titles being few and far between. It is certainly a system with a lot of potential, and hopefully, if the rumor turns out to be true, will help sway some people to give it a shot.

>Machinama – Inside Gaming Daily<

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This would definitely be a great deal. I already own an am quite happy with the PSVita but could not pass up a bundle like this. Hopefully its available at launch.