adventurezatorPigasus Games have recently published a press release of their game Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly, and they boast some pretty interesting ideas when it comes to overhauling the adventure video game as we know it.

They state that with Adventurezator, interaction is key, with “an adventure game without rigid scripts or stupidly ludicrous puzzles, but rather, a world driven by millions of possible interactions among objects and characters.”

With a lot of adventure/RPG games, content can be missed when you’re not thorough. With Adventurezator, Pigasus say that this won’t be the case. “There is no fumbling around lost for hours because: you only talked to a character three times instead of four, or you tried cutting the rope with the sword instead of the knife.” The Mass Effect games spring to mind when reading this, especially when it comes to romancing characters (But they’re still amazing games).


However, there’s still a lot more to Adventurezator than a story. “In addition to the main storyline, Sandbox mode gives players the same tools as the developers to create and share their own scenarios, link them together into larger story arcs, and create their own custom cutscenes.” This echoes the same features that Project Spark, a next gen sandbox game for the Xbox One and Windows 8 will include.

Adventurezator is now on Kickstarter, where you can fund the project here! You can also view the teaser trailer for the game here.

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