Alien_Chaos_3D_Logo1The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS is a fantastic place to get some pretty decent games for a really reasonable price. Updated almost every week there’s a large library of games from well known publishers like Level 5 with games like Attack of the Friday Monsters, then there’s classic games which we all used to play on the NES such as Super Mario Bros.

Sometimes there’s little gems on there too which usually cost a little under £5 these games offer quick and fun gameplay that doesn’t need much time dedicated to it. Games like Alien Chaos 3D are what I’m talking about. For £3.59 you’ve got a fun, fast paced action platformer which, if you let it, could occupy you for hours.

alienchaos 3DThe game itself is pretty simple. You play as Really Shooter (really??) who has seen his mother, Mama, get snatched up by some mean looking aliens. Really and Mama run a demolition and cleaning company, something which seems like a pointless bit of information but it is actually relevant.

Really is a bad ass in this 2D platform shooter, he’s a guy who wouldn’t look out of place at a Rambo convention complete with his red bandanna. At first the game really doesn’t look to promising. The animation and art in the opening cutscene really lowers your expectations, it reminds me of something I’d have drawn as a kid. That aside though, I’m glad I gave this game a chance.

The game begins with two modes, Story Mode and Challenge Mode. Story mode has five different episodes each with five levels. That’s 25 levels of mental alien blasting mayhem. In story mode you follow along a story – as you’d expect. Once you’ve completed the first four levels you’re then introduced to the boss level with a pretty difficult boss or two to content with. Challenge Mode is a little different as it’s a wave-based mode where you continuously play the same level over and over until you die.

alien chaos 3dThe gameplay itself is stupidly simple, you use the joystick to move, B to jump and Y to shoot, that’s all. The main goal for each level is to survive and destroy all of the alien robot animals. At the same time though you can clean up the mess and earn rewards such as ammo or weapon power ups. As an added score grabber you can stand in front of the blast marks on the walls and Really will give it a damn good clean, this again is added to your overall score at the end of the round. If you manage to clean up enough of the walls you’re awarded with a “super” this is a one time bomb which you can use if you find yourself surrounded by robotic kangaroos or hippos. You use “A” to execute one of those.

The task of cleaning up the mess is a pretty interesting and refreshing concept. This is where that back story I was talking about comes into play. Not only is the game pretty fun to play, you’ve also got the difficult task of sweeping up the endless amount of bullet casings and scrap metal that accumulates as you destroy waves of evil robots. In order to get rid of all this scrap you sweep piles of the stuff into different holes each with a different symbol which represents a new weapon, once the progress bar has filled up you’re then given a box which contains the new piece.

Alien chaos 3DThe game is pretty fast paced with various portals opening up at once where robotic turtles and ‘roos come barrelling out of in order to cause you harm. Most of the time though you can jump and avoid them. Only a select few robotic alien animals can cause you harm with weapons, all the other roboanimals do is walk into you. The great thing about the game is that a lot can happen. Several times I’ve found that I’m being swarmed by aliens and not once did I notice any slowdown, it was just chaotic – as the name suggests.

Occasionally you’ll find yourself absolutely swarmed by alien robots to the point where you just have to give up and let them stomp you out of the way. What happens here is that Really will just fall over and lose a health point – that’s not all though. When Really get’s back up he lets out an enthusiastic “HAHAAAA!” and the surrounding aliens all blow up.

Speaking of blowing up, the developers have done a fantastic job with utilising the 3D that the 3DS offers. It does a good job making a 2D game turn into more of a 2.5D game without overly using the 3D feature on every single part of the game. What struck me the most though was how when a robot alien exploded parts would occasionally look like they were flying out of the screen.

The music does this game all sort of favours too with the classic 80’s epic guitar riffs and heavy metal solo’s which add to the awesomeness of this bad ass game.

Overall Alien Chaos 3D is a fantastic game to occupy a few hours of your time. It’s a fast paced, action packed platform shooter with a solid few hours of gameplay to boot. The game offers the chance to share high scores between the Nintendo 3DS’ Street Pass feature which is about as close as it gets to a multiplayer feature but that’s okay.  For a game that’s under £4 I wasn’t expecting a lot, but the game really shines through and is something I’ll be playing for a long time to come.

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