Apple will start shipping two new iPhone models as soon as early September, according to rumours circulated by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the American news outlet Apple has contacted supplier Hon Hai and have asked them to ship a new “high-end” and “low-end” iPhone in early September.

If this is to believed it means that we will finally see the long anticipated “budget” iPhone, which has been discussed in great length for a long time now and seems set to widen the potential audience for Apple’s smartphone, this model is rumoured to be titled the iPhone 5C.

Alongside this cheaper option looks set to be a model that will be slightly more recognisable, with what is commonly referred to iPhone 5s most likely to be the “high-end” model the WSJ were referring to.

In terms of timing this would all make sense, as it was September that saw the iPhone 5 announced and shipped last year, and with the life of high spec tech being around a year these days it would be in keeping for Apple to announce a new product next month.

It has been rumoured that Apple will announce what will be its new flagship iPhone on September 10th, it would be hardly surprising if they also rolled out a plastic covered, and multi-coloured, budget model to partner the release of the next generation of its high end iPhone.

As is customary in the tech world this is all still guesswork and rumours of course, however in this case it seems to be pretty solid guesswork as the dates make sense and a low-end iPhone has been a long time coming, however Apple are yet to have issued any press invites for the rumoured event in early September.

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