AppleWell Apple fanatics, it’s that time again. Time to start stacking that savings account, or opening that new credit card you don’t need.

Amid reports that Apple has lost a substantial amount of market share last quarter, they finally quelled the rumors of a new unveiling coming later this year by confirming a September 10th event centered around the iPhone. Although speculation still remains as to exactly what the suddenly struggle smitten company will reveal in the big event, it sure seems it couldn’t come at a better time, as it’s been nearly a year since the iPhone 5 debut.

This announcement comes in on the heels of the iOS 7 Beta 5 release, rumors on the newest OS Mavericks, the re-designed Mac Pro, and a tease from Tim Cook on a recent quarterly earnings call, stating that Apple has some “really great stuff” in the works for the holiday season.

Despite the cluster of negative information coming out in recent weeks regarding Apple’s sales figures, the tech giant doesn’t seem too concerned about the criticism, nor should they be. Fans can rejoice in the calm that Apple has displayed recently, not rushing on products and making sure to properly beta what they can tells us they have some big things in the works, and expect them to sell big too.

Whatever the September 10th event brings, a low cost iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or 6, it is sure to come at the perfect time for people to dump perilous amounts of money from their wallets at it. I know I probably will.

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