Forza-Motorsport-5-Announcement-Trailer-_5Microsoft may be hiding more than we originally new when it came to the Forza franchise, after an artist advertised that they were working on a ‘next-gen Forza project’ on their LinkedIn page.

Yibo Lui, the artist involved, wrote on his LinkedIn page that he was “the only technical artist in the vehicle art team for an undisclosed next-gen Forza project.” Lui, who works for Playground Studios, the studio responsible for the only spin off Forza game, Forza Horizon, changed the description to a vaguer alternative, listing it as an “undisclosed Xbox One project.”

Microsoft premièred Forza 5 along side it’s new console during their press conference at this years E3. However after being contacted by various media outlets, Microsoft have not commented on the supposed ‘leak’ exactly, but they have however said that the company does not “comment on job postings or any speculation.”

What do you think? Are Microsoft hiding their next plans for the franchise? Or has the whole situation been blown out of proportion? Let us know what you think!

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