Asssassin’s Creed Assassin’s

Asssassin's Creed Assassin's

The highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed Movie is getting a script re-write courtesy of the co-writer from the newest Marvel movie, The Wolverine.

Scott Frank, one of the men behind Hugh Jackmans most recent movie is said to be currently adapting Michael Lesslie’s original script for the Assassin’s Creed Movie.  The film, at the moment only has Michael Fassebender in for the role of Desmond Miles, of whom the past five Assassin’s Creed games have revolved around. It’s not been revealed as to how they’ll set out the film, will it be a combination of all the games, will they make it so that it runs like the games and start with Assassin’s Creed and Altaïr so that Ubisoft can make a film franchise as long and spanning as the games?

The movie has also had a small release date change, originally set for 22nd May 2015. It is now to be released 19th June 2015. Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only place Ubisoft want to visit with the camera lens, other adaptations in the pipe work include soon-to-be-released Watch Dogs; 2012’s hit game, Far Cry; as well as a Rabbids film.

Not a lot of information is available for the Movie, but I think we can all agree that it will be exciting times at the cinema come 2015.

Source – Digital Spy

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