Awesomenauts Starstorm


Romino Games’ 2D multiplayer platformer Awesomenauts exceeded its original required funding in just 7 days. Ronimo started the Kickstarter as a means of funding a new expansion called Starstorm, which will introduce new characters, new maps, dual stick compatibility and a spectator mode.

Ronimo launched the Kickstarter instead of going to an investor as a means of keeping the game in the indie genre. The original minimum target was set at $125,000, but after just a week the amount raised was over $130,000 from 2,600 backers.

Co-founder Olivier Thijssen said “We’ve reached the primary goal of $125,000 within seven days! This means we will start working on Ted mcPain, Sentry & Skree, Global chat, twin-stick support, new music and spectator mode. We invite you to keep sharing your thoughts and feedback with us as we start to develop Starstorm!”

Awesomenauts Starstorm

The project will end on the 18th of September, with multiple targets in place. The next is aimed at $200,000, which will add a new map
and new music. Then the target after is set at $270,000 which will add custom games, after which replays and infinite spectator mode will be available if $380,000 is raised. With an even bigger budget of $415,000, Ronimo plan on adding a new character and new music, from there at $495,000 they plan on introducing a level editor and Steam Workshop integration. Another new character and more music will be available at $530,000, a character settings editor will be available at $580,000 and finally an AI editor if $630,000 can be raised.

Click here to help Awesomenauts reach its goals and make one of my favourite PC games even more fantastic!

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