BethesdaSpeaking with Joystiq at QuakeCon last weekend, VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines said that none of Bethesda’s games that they’ve announced won’t be coming to the Wii U because of hardware issues.

Referring to recently announced games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstien: The New Order, and The Evil Within, Hines said:

“None of the game’s we’ve announced are being developed for the Wii U, so it’s guaranteed that none of those games are coming to Wii U. Will any future ones come out? I can’t say for sure, in our near-term focus it’s not on our radar.”

Hines explained that it’s their mantra to “make the games that we want to make, on whatever platforms will support them as developed.” pointing out that The Elder Scrolls Online was going to come to the Xbox 360 but due to hardware limitations it “just wasn’t possible”.

The Wii U hasn’t been seen in the best light recently. Publishers such as EA have said that they won’t be supporting the Wii U, and even Ubisoft had a bit of a moment where they delayed the release of Rayman Legends and released the game on other platforms. Thankfully though Activision has made a good example and hope to support the Wii U by bringing heavy hitters like Call of Duty: Ghosts to Nintendo’s console.

[Source: MCVuk]

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