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ubuntu edgeCanonical’s IndieGoGo campaing for the Ubuntu Edge had a fantastic start but as of late hasn’t been doing so well, and the outlook of the campaign is looking bleak. Now, Bloomberg LP have become one of the first corporate backers of the campaign adding a whopping $80,000 into the kitty in exchange for the ‘Enterprise 100’ backer level.

This may seem like an impressive boost and just what the campaign needs in order to succeed but sadly, that’s not the case. As I outlined in my last post Canonical still have a lot to raise in order to reach their $32,000,000 target and with only raising a little over $1,000,000 in the past week, and even with Bloomberg’s $80,000 cash injection it’s still not enough to reach the target by the end of the month.

Even if more companies followed in Bloomberg’s footsteps the campaign would still need to raise well over $1.5 million every day which is sadly looking unlikely.

“Bloomberg supports open innovation and initiatives, such as Ubuntu Edge, that align with our software development and business priorities,” said Shawn Edwards, Chief Technology Officer at Bloomberg LP. “With this investment, Bloomberg developers will contribute to an open technology initiative that could benefit our clients and have a powerful impact on the future of mobile computing.”

Canonical have since announced that they’re fixing the price of the Ubuntu Edge to $695 which is a little over the “early adopter” $600 which kicked off the campaign. For those that paid more for the Edge are entitled to a refund of the difference if you so wish. This would mean that they’d need to sell a hell of a lot more handsets to reach their goal, but they’re confident with the two weeks they have left, that they can do it.

“With 14 days to go, it’s time for our biggest announcement yet. From now until the end of the campaign, we’re fixing the price of the Ubuntu Edge at $695! No limited quantities, no more price changes. You wanted a more affordable Edge, and now you’ve got it.”

For those that are wondering, Canonical would need to sell around 33,723 handsets in order to reach the goal in 14 days which again words out at about 2,400 phone sales per day. As much as I wish this would happen, I’m not thinking it will. Fingers crossed though eh??

[Source: Ubuntu Edge on IndieGoGo]

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