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Borderlands-2-charactersGearbox Software have confirmed that the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2, which is set to raise the level cap to 72 and also include the all new “Digistruct Peak”, a new training ground for the Crimson Raiders will have a release date of September 3!

The Digistruct Peak is a place for players to face enemies such as skags and varkids, y’know, the ones you don’t see that often, as well as featuring mission suitable for four players that lasts around an hour long – or more if you’re slow like me..

The DLC also includes the ‘Overpower’ feature which combines with the level cap of 72 allows you to use level 80 loot. The Overpower feature allows you to face harder enemies as you gain Overpower levels which are capped at 8. So in total if you reach both the Overpower cap and the level cap will allow use of level 80 loot – yeah!

“It truly is a very challenging area,” Gearbox designer Jason Reiss says of Digistruct Peak. “I’m hoping that the fans are prepared for it and willing to take it one step at a time. It’s about learning the area and learning the encounters. Until you get to the higher ranks, when we start mixing it up and add the randomness.”

Finally the first of three “Headhunter” DLC packs titled, TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest is scheduled to arrive sometime in October with the final two to follow before the end of 2013. These smaller packs offer some more added playability which adds a new mission which requires you to find, kill, and get the head of the boss – Pumpkin Kingpin – for your collection of wearable heads. No price has been announced but are suggested to be cheaper than the other DLC packs due to the smaller size.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack is scheduled for release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 for around $4.99 USD. Those of you with the Borderlands Season Pass will also have to purchase this DLC as it’s not included in the season pass.

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