Miles MoralesI like to think that sometimes I’m a historian. I was once told that anyone can be historian, you just need to talk about past events. So for this week here’s my vain attempt at being a modern historian.

Do you know about the Marvel Ultimate comics line? Whether you answered “yes” or “no” let me tell the story. The Ultimate comics line is essentially a place for writers to modernise aged Marvel concepts and has full creative control over a character.

Like Tony Stark’s armour design, Reed Richards turning into a bad guy (which makes sense when you think about it), The Avengers being called the Ultimates and Peter Parker dying. Yes that’s right. A main character died in a comic (even though it’s set in an alternate universe) and they made it stick.

Of course there was handful who died during a freak tidal wave hitting New York thanks to Magneto. But let’s focus on Peter.

Spidey’s arch nemesis The Green Goblin escapes from prison and rounds of the usual sinister gallery of villains to rid themselves of Peter. Peter should have seen it coming really based on the Parker luck theory. The theory in which a good streak will get swiftly turned around.

Peter was get friendly with the Ultimates and his home life was going really well. The story climaxes as Peter faces Goblin after being shot by the Punisher who believed Peter was involved in a feud between the Ultimates and using his final breath he put Goblin down at the cost of his life.

milesmoralesBy now a big crowd his surfaced and in that crowd is the new Spider-man. Miles Morales, a half African Americman and Hispanic teen had just won a lottery to get to an esteemed private school when his uncle changed his life forever.

Miles uncle was a thief called The Prowler who had stolen material from Oscorp, the company that had produced the fateful spider which bit Peter Parker, and had found itself in The Prowlers loot. The said spider bites Miles and grants him the same spider power plus invisibility and a stinger blast which can incapacitate a person.

If you look at the “Batfleck” response, what do you think the initial response for this was? Nay sayers negative comments haven’t stopped Miles still holding the mantle, meeting Peter from the mainstream universe and starring in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon.

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