blackopsiidlc0826-610Today is the day that the final DLC map pack is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops II and oh boy it’s a doozie! Titled Apocalypse this map pack comes with two brand new maps and two reimagined maps from Black Ops and World at War respectively and finally a brand new Zombies experience that’s meant to top all other Zombies modes out there. You can download it right now on Xbox Live!

The Apocalypse map pack contains four new multiplayer maps, Pod and Frost as well as two reimagined maps, Courtyard from World at War and Stadium from the Black Ops First Strike DLC.

Finally there’s the Origins Zombies experience which I’m sure answers all the questions we’ve ever had about Call of Duty Zombies as well as the fateful Element 115!

What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

Those of you on PlayStation and PC will have to wait a week or two for the DLC to become available! Sorry!

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