Kickstarter CanadaFinally, our maple syrup chugging brethren! We have a way to fund our plans for global domination!

Kickstarter, the go-to crowdfunding site, has opened it’s doors to Canadian indie developers starting Septermber 9th, giving us northerners a way to fund our projects without going to the nearest coffee shop, mainly Tim Horton’s, and pitching our ideas to wealthy elderly who take pity on the younger generation.

The Kickstarter crew will be holding events in Toronto, Ontario from August 8th to the 9th and in Montreal, Quebec from the 11th to the 12th. Information can be found here.

It is time, my Canadian brother’s and sisters. We shall show the world that pancakes everyday are the best thing in the world, that being polite and constantly saying sorry is the new world norm. Never again will be the butt end of American jokes! We shall show them that we are on top for a reason, and they should show respect to us, and we will do so with a strongly worded declaration of surrender…and lots and lots of donuts and coffee. That is what we need the money for in the first place.

This is Travis, signing off!

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