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ubuntu edgeCanonical’s IndieGoGo campaign the absolutely amazing Ubuntu Edge has been running for almost 14 days now. They’ve currently raised a little over $8,000,000 of their $32,000,000 needed to actually supply the hardware to backers but the funding seems to have plateaued causing Canonical to add more incentives as well as a brand new video introducing the hardware, but is it enough or is the campaign destined to fail – I think it’s the latter.

It’s clear that Mark Shuttleworth and the team at Canonical have a fantastic idea with the Ubuntu Edge, it’s a fantastic piece of kit and it’s amazingly powerful, the only disappointment to all of this is the astonishing target they’re hoping to achieve. When the campaign first began it seemed like they were going to break records, raising around $3,000,000 within the first 24 hours. It has since slowed down, a lot.

Canonical have added a bunch of new incentives in order to grab some new backers such as a referral competition, the chance to get a limited edition Ubuntu Edge t-shirt, and now they’ve added a premium subscription to LastPass with every Ubuntu Edge device but is this all for nothing? Are they clutching at straws? Sadly, I think so.

With 18 days remaining and the current balance of $8,090,414 the IndieGoGo campaign would need to raise at least $1,340,000 a day in order to reach their target which is possible, sure, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

ubuntu edgeCanonical have made it a little more obvious that this campaign is for the Ubuntu Edge hardware, not the OS itself, that’ll be going ahead as planned. The IndieGoGo campaign is, how Mark puts it; “just for us, the real enthusiasts”. If the campaign reaches it’s goal those who backed the Ubuntu Edge will be the only ones to receive the Ubuntu Edge, there’s no planned retail release of the hardware, this is just an exclusive IndieGoGo backers and The Edge will NOT be available to buy at launch.

I checked back at an older cache of the IGG campaign and this fact was actually directly at the bottom of the campaign page. Had this been at the top and more obvious as it is right now, perhaps they’d have gained more interest, who knows?

I love the idea of the hardware but I don’t have £500+ to throw at a new handset right now and that’s probably the same thing going through everyone else’s minds as they let the moths out of their wallets.

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“Canonical have made it a little more obvious that this campaign is for the Ubuntu Edge hardware, not the OS itself […].

Ubuntu Edge has amazing hardware, but it has amazing software too:


Apart from running Android, it can also run a full desktop when docket to a monitor and keyboard. With thinclient access you can even run MS Office and business application straight from the phone: