According to Kotaku Australia, a few years ago SEGA of Australia had this wild idea for a series of video game remakes titled “SEGA Reborn” and would feature classic SEGA games such as Golden Axe and Altered Beast and not just remake them, but combine them into the same universe shown in this video is Golden Axe Reborn.

With fantastic classics like DuckTales Remastered and Castle of Illusion HD getting a brand new skin recently it would seem fitting that a game like this would make the cut, but apparently not. SEGA of Australia hit various roadblocks between the Queensland studio and company HQ in Japan.

SEGA planned to take games set thousands of years apart and tie them together into one singular universe under the title of SEGA Reborn. The games would remain strictly the same titles, but with better graphics and would have contained few tweaks.

According to the post on Kotaku Australia the SEGA Reborn pitch not only featured Golden Axe and Altered Beast, but Streets of Rage and Shinobi were thrown in there too. I have no idea how they would be set in the same universe? Time travel maybe?

Either way it doesn’t matter because it’s not going to happen, which I’m deeply saddened about. I’d throw a lot of money at those responsible for creating this Unity demo you see above, for them to complete the game. I mean it. Lets start a petition!

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