I was a bit late on this band wagon, only playing the first bit of the original Dark Souls just last month when a friend brought it over when I was watching a family friend’s dog for a few days, but that game made me sit on the edge of my seat for the meagre three hours I played it. It was unforgiving in some respects, making you loose all the well gained experience if you died, forcing you to hunt down your old body to regain that lost experience. I made a few wrong turns, which resulted in many a death. Even one that I had no idea was even going to happen. Well, let’s just say that the new trailer from Namco Bandai and From Software has me a little intrigued in the sequel to this game.

While the teaser trailer has no game-play footage in it, mainly just flash shots of a blacksmith’s workshop, followed by someone working on metals, and someone suiting up in what looks like plate armour, it has my interested piqued a bit. The description under the trailer also reads “Dark Souls’ universe takes a surprising new form…Are you read to meet…him?”. While I didn’t get to experience the whole world myself, only the beginning area and a bit of the main area, I want to know what From Software means by “him”. Is it something along the lines of meeting your character from the last game, depending on what happened in the end, or is this “him” a antagonist that you must overcome in order to reach the goal at the end of the game?

I guess we have to wait until the next trailer, which will hopefully not be a teaser, to understand what Namco Bandai and From Software is getting at with this teaser.

This is Travis, signing off.

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