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dead islandDead Island: Riptide is a shameful cash-in from the first game, which wasn’t even that good in the first place, everything that gamers addressed about the first one were not improved or fixed for it’s sequel and it boggles my mind how this game got a sequel in the first place. I understand why Ubisoft didn’t want to publish the second instalment.

This is made by the developers of the fantastic Call of Juarez series (except for the Cartel) it just goes to show that they should stick to making western games rather than zombie games. I myself am not a fan of the zombie genre because I think that we have been beating the same dead horse for nearly five years now since the release of Call of Duty: World at War. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to play some zombie games, they can be fantastic when they get it right, for example Deadrising or Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately this game performs poorly in visuals, gameplay, story and voice acting.

Lets go Dead island gameplayover the story of what there is in this game because its uninspiring; it continues after the first game and you find yourself captured by the military on a boat and what do you know.. the infected get set lose on the ship and then you’re washed up on an island. You can pick from five classes with different specialities such as blunt weapons, sharp blades, firearms (which are rare as flying pigs so don’t bother with this class) as well as a new class who is an expert in hand to hand. I picked the blunt weapons expert because these types of lethal weapons are the most abundant.

The gameplay is slow and horrible with the melee combat, people talk about ZombieU being bad, but this game is just as bad with the monotonous and stale combat. It’s like trying to hammer a nail really slowly except you get swarmed by nails and it often resolves in your death. The only combat that is functional that you never get to really use is gun-play which this developer specialises in. As I said earlier they are responsible for the Call of Juarez series.

Like in most zombie games your weapons will brake eventually like in Deadrising for example, but this is not as well executed because it doesn’t add to the tension it just creates frustration. You have a stamina bar which is used for when you sprint and melee combat but when it goes to zero you can’t do anything which is just annoying and don’t say that makes it challenging because it doesn’t, why don’t they take something from the Elder Scrolls where your attacks do less damage for example.

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The visuals are lacklustere to say the least. Even the environments are poor which are generally good in these open world type games. In Dead Island: Riptide they’re murky and they remind of the Call of Juarez: The Cartel graphics. It does look like they put Vaseline on the camera lens in some cut scenes. The cut scenes themselves have laughable voice acting and there is screen tearing throughout all the scenes with characters faces looking to clean and motionless like Dragon Age 2. This is unacceptable, it’s 2013 you should make your sequel bigger and better than original and I know I use this example all the time but Two Worlds learnt from their mistakes from the first game and fixed all the complaints and made it bigger and better looking. If you are going to make a sequel you need to bring something new to the table give me something fresh and not keep the same gameplay and a few new types of zombies.

This game is poor and I don’t recommend buying this game I don’t even suggest borrowing it from a friend this is an abysmal excuse of a sequel, but I think the zombie fetish has final died down until Treyarch make another COD game. What did you think of this game? Did you have better experience than me? Let me know in the comments below.

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