rollerhogAnyone who’s had some sort of experience with Dead Rising will know that you can combine weapons to create more bad ass zombie slaying contraption such as an oar with chainsaws on the end – cool right? Well in Dead Rising 3, not only can you combine weapons but you can combine vehicles! Yeah, that’s right.

Much like the weapon combo system you’ll need to find blueprints in order to combine two things together to create a zombie mowing masterpiece. Once you’ve crafted the vehicle once however, you’ll be able to spawn it again at any garage once the cool-down timer has cleared.

Take the image on the left for example, the “Rollerhawg”. This vehicle combines a motorcycle and a steam roller to create a mental bad ass roller hog complete with spikes and flamethrowers.

Combining vehicles is simple too, it’s just finding a quiet time to do it that’s the problem. All you have to do is drive one car next to another, if a combination can be activated the two vehicles will glow, if you’ve got the blueprints you’ll be able to create the Rollerhawg or the Junk Car that fires gas canisters filled with noxious gas and propane tanks and can be set to self destruct on command.

Pretty awesome huh?

What’s better, each vehicle has room for two so you and your co-op buddies can always play together, and every vehicle has a secondary attack for the second person. IGN reports that there’s a heap of different combo’s so you won’t be limited to just a handful which is impressive.

Dead Rising 3 is a Xbox One Exclusive and is scheduled to launch along side the console in November.

[Source: IGN]

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