Finally Deadpool get’s his own video game and the outcome is… Average. Before you fan boys pick up your torches and pitchforks and start a witch hunt, I’m not saying that the game is completely bad, it does have its high points.

The character is dead on with Deadpool; he’s crazy, psychotic and hilarious. Because of his split personality he’ll be talking to himself all of the time which act as his guides – in a way. You got one half that is the more sensible and intelligent side of Deadpool that keeps reminding him that he is an idiot, then you have the more ridiculous and crazy half of him, which he will make boob and penis jokes, you know, the standard juvenile humour from this character you’re all used to. For those who don’t know of Deadpool is here is a brief synopsis.

Deadpool is a mercenary who was recruited into the weapon X programme which gave him the same regenerative powers as Wolverine, as well that he has a strange love affair with Death which makes him practically immortal.

Deadpool gunplayThe funniest part is at the very beginning of the game. You’re in Deadpool’s apartment which has a Duke Nukem style of messing around with random objects, he even calls Nolan North the voice actor of himself to play his character in the game. It’s little fourth wall moments like this when the game truly shines, such as when Deadpool spends the entire budget in one scene and then Highmoon downgrades it to an 8-bit game, poking fun at Gauntlet and Side Scrollers. When you meet new characters in this game you have the choice to see a short Bio of that character which is done by showing comic book clippings, it really add a touch of authenticity to remind that these characters came from a comic book.

Lets talk about the gameplay as this is a game. Unfortunately this where the game begins fall. As this is a hack and slash type game, you will be in combat majority of it. The main struggle that sticks out right away is the counter system, the reason why that this is a problem is because they mapped the counter button with the teleport button. This become extremely frustrating in the middle of combat (especially on higher difficulties) because you will try and counter your enemy and you end teleporting half across the fighting area.

DeadpoolSadly, the game is plagued with camera issues. For most of the game you will be fighting with the camera angle especially when you’re in more enclosed spaces. The combat does have it’s high points though; For example instead hacking away at your enemies with your Swords, Sai’s, and Hammers you can mix it up by adding some gunplay, where Deadpool will do some fancy gunslinging in the middle of combat.

Another nit pick I have with this game is that the fights go on for too long in some segments. But you don’t want to turn difficulty down because then it becomes way too easy. I suggest playing it on hard if you are looking for a challenge.

The game only clocks in about six hours which is fairly short but it is hack slash if were longer it would get stale very quickly. Overall if you are looking for something to make you laugh so hard that you can’t breathe then this game will have you laughing all the way through. I just hope the next time High moon make another Deadpool game they can iron out the creases that are in the gameplay.

DeadpoolEven you are not a Deadpool fan you’ll have fun with the character. My brother didn’t know who he was at first and found him hilarious. I would personally wait for a price drop with this game before you go and buy it but saying that, it’s nice change in pace from all the serious titles that are currently on the market.

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