driveclub1The Next Generation of console already have some fantastic looking driving games in their catalogues. There’s the one I’m looking forward to the most, The Crew, then there’s Need for Speed: Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5, and finally Driveclub. In this gameplay footage we get to see the games first person view along with the traditional chase cam, and a handful of cars and race events we’ll be seeing in what looks to be a pretty amazing looking game.

First off we’re thrown into a Maserati MC Stradale which can be seen racing around a track after a couple of ghost cars, the track seems to be split up into several different challenges such as cornering, average speed, and drift. Presumably each section can be dominated by you or your friends and it’s up to you (or your friends) to beat the set score. Next we’re thrown into a right hand drive Aston Martin Vanquish, going around what seems to to be the same type challenge race, it’s nice to see that the developers have taken into consideration left and right hand drive. Finally there’s footage of a RUF RT12 R  and a Mercedes SLS.

It’s awesome to finally see the first person view in action, but I’m a little disappointed by how stiff it looks. It’s nice that the gear changing paddles are taken into consideration, but it just feels very.. animated. Obviously it’s pre-alpha footage so there’s probably a ton of improvements already in place so I’ll wait until something from a more recent build comes out before judging.

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