Duck Tales Scrooge’s Loot

Duck Tales Scrooge's LootJust when you though DuckTales was just going to get Remastered, Canada is get an exclusive just for them. DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot, for iOS is out now and currently making a big hit in Canada.

The plot; The Beagle Boys have got a hold of Scrooge McDuck’s cash, so it’s all up to the citizens of Duckburge to get the gold back. The team based third person shooter features all the big characters from the show that we all grew up with. The objective is to help Scrooge get his gold back, which happens to be conveniently in piles all around the level. Once you are full of gold, you have to take it back to the helicopter, but if you are attacked by your opponent with friendly weapons like bubble guns and tennis rackets, you drop all the gold you have collected, and your opponent picks it up. Which ever team comes out with the most loot, of course, wins the game.

The game runs cleanly and smooth, which seems to be Disney’s MO when it comes to any of the video games. This free to play, team based shooter is seeming to be setting a trend with this genre of game. It has already managed to crack the top 200 gross gaming chart. With the new Duck Tales Remastered hitting stores on August 13th, I think this title bring gamer’s back to when they were kids picking up that NES controller to play a bit of DuckTales. All I can say, is I hope that eventually this hit comes to other countries all over the world.

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