Einstein-Enigma-01Einstein Enigma is an interesting little puzzle game available on iOS. The idea is to solve a set of rubics cube style tile rotation puzzles by rotating circles, so that each circle is complete. It isn’t exactly what I would call ‘fiendish’, but I would say it’s something to do while on a train or bus, to keep your brain in gear without too much of a strain.

Each level has different difficulty option to choose from, completing each will give you a different number of stars, and each level requires you to have earned a certain number of stars to play, so by choosing harder difficulties you could skip some of the easier levels. As you progress through the game each chunk of new levels has a new theme and different mechanics to play with, such as using cogs. This keeps the game fresh and interesting.

As for controls, you are only supposed to rotate using the outer edges of the circles and the game tells you off if you try to use the inners, which can be quite frustrating. You get used to it over time but it is still a minor annoyance. There is no music as far as I can tell, however the sound assets are fine. nothing to write home about but they make the tapping of your screen and rotating of circles feel fairly nice.


The game looks are quite pleasing, everything is always clear and I never mistook anything for anything else, and the controls are usually pretty responsive and pleasant. One thing that does bring it down is that, despite the lack of any music, the game turns off your music when you are playing the game, and turns it off whenever you bring the game into focus, as if to say, “Oi, we demand your FULL attention! Show us some bloody respect and stop listening to music while solving puzzles!”. Again, this is rather annoying as many people like to play games with their own music, and many games do allow this.

The game has some replayability, but like almost all puzzle games of this type, it’s is only really replayable after you have left the game along for a few weeks and forgotten all the solutions to the puzzles. Still, decent if you want something to play sporadically to keep you occupied.

All in all, the game is a decent time waster, good for public transport of something to occupy your mind when bored, but nothing really to write home about. You can get it on the App Store for £1.49 right HERE.

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