PlayStation 3

ps3-12gb-555x312According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle the European and Hong Kong exclusive 12GB PlayStation 3 console might be making it’s way to North America as soon as August 18th at a price of around $200.

The cheaper PlayStation 3 console has struck instant success here in the UK; even I’ve been eyeing up the 12GB console only to be a little put off by the small memory capacity. Anyway, back to the news, according to PSLS reader “Jim” who sent in this picture (left) of EB Games/Gamestop having the 12GB model listen in their systems which has a launch date of August 18th, that’s this Sunday! The listing has since been removed, but another source Engadget a picture of a 12GB model from a U.S. K-Mart, complete with a “Do not sell or display prior to 8/18/2013.” note on the listing.

Sony are yet to confirm whether this is true so more on this as it develops.

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