As hipster as it’s going to sound; I’ve been using Feedly way before Google Reader went down, yeah, I went there.. Anyway, Feedly has always been a fantastic feed reader but since the Google Reader shutdown it’s only gotten better which is great, but it still has lacked a few things such as an article searcher. That’s all about to change now Feedly are planning to introduce a subscription based model which includes a few pretty exciting features!

Right now what’s on offer doesn’t seem worth the $5 per month, but in their FAQ they promise that more features are on the way. Right now however, if you’re willing to spend $99 on the limited to 5,000 users “Lifetime Edition”, you’ll receive the following features:

  • Article Search – The ability to search for articles within your Feedly (something CTRL+F doesn’t do so well)
  • Secure browsing through HTTPS
  • One click save to any of your Evernote Notebooks
  • Premium support. If something goes wrong you’ll be bumped straight to the front of the queue.

So like I said, right now for $5 per month there’s not a lot on offer but according to the FAQ they “will be introducing new pro features regularly. The next batch of features will be decided on by feedly pro users themselves, as you will get to vote on what features you would like feedly to develop next.”.

These features won’t just be available to the web app as Feedly are making all the pro features available via feedly Cloud API so other apps as well as the mobile app will be able to take advantage of the features.

With all this talk of premium features, what about the free version? Will those of us who choose to keep it free and simple lose out on new features? No, according to the FAQ anyway:

“We will continue to iterate and add new features to the free feedly. If anything, feedly pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster.”

Feedly was definitely top on my list for feed readers that’ll benefit from the loss of Google Reader and it seems like I was right. Not only has the company themselves benefited from the income of new users, but us users are benefiting from new features and added improvements! Bazinga!

[Source: Feedly]

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common sense would suggest a client-side reader
paying for what you can get for free is the opposite of common sense