bf4 gamescom

bf4 gamescom

Now we’re talking! EA’s press conference showed off a whole host of new details regarding the highly anticipated Battlefield 4.

Famous for it’s ‘levolution’, EA were keen to show the true potential of the Frostbite 3 engine, and some of the particularly exciting features to look forward to in multiplayer. New maps, new destruction and new details regarding Battlefield 4 Premium gave fans exactly what they wanted from the FPS behemoth.

Aside from the already announced Second Assault, which is available to everyone that pre-orders the game, the 4 other DLC packs arebf4 gamescom.png2 China Rising, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth and Final Strike. All of these offer a different environment and fighting style, drastically changing the way the war has to be won.

The latest map that was shown off was Paracel Storm, which is based in the South China sea and involves a group of small islands that encourage and maybe even require the usage of amphibious vehicles. The new gamemode Obliteration, which involves destroying the enemy teams buildings and resources before they can do the same to the players team. Only 1 bomb spawns at a time and does so in a random location, so first come first serve.

What I like most about the footage EA previewed was the interactivity of the maps. We saw train car doors closing, trapping enemies in a confined space with a grenade, turning lights off so the first person to activate their night vision first wins, or activating road barriers as a means of stopping land vehicles in their tracks. Those are the types of things that will really change the way people play.

Watch the Paracel Storm multiplayer trailer here, and stay tuned with N3rdabl3 for more Gamescom news!

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