fable legends

Lionhead Studios, led by video game legend Peter Molyneux, unveiled the latest addition to the Fable franchise today at Gamescom with a spectacular trailer for Fable Legends, which will be exclusively for Xbox One.

fable legends

With the tag line “every Fable needs a hero, every legend needs a villain”, Fable Legends looks to completely revolutionise the usual Fable experience we’ve known and loved from the 3 previous games. Now it appears that instead of being a lone Hero, there are many, each with their own set of weapons, abilities and weaknesses. The trailer also shows viewers that they have the potential of being the villain of Fable Legends, not just the Hero.

fable legnds 2The villain role won’t just be the same old hero with scars and black wings. Fable Legends throws you right into the role, giving you the ability to assume the role of evil mastermind, and summon armies of minions to do your bidding. The villain will combine strategy and tactics as a means of destroying the Heroes, and you must manage your armies abilities and upgrades if you’re going to conquer the land.

Fable Legends will be set 400 years before the events of the original Fable, during the time in which the mythology and legends of Albion have yet to be established. It’s been described by Lionhead as “not Fable 4, but it is another Fable”. Fable Legends will allow you to roam around ye olde Albion with AI companions, friends or AI companions AND friends. Players can seamlessly drop in and out of Fable Legends whenever they want.

Fable Legends will also utilise Xbox Smartglass, where you can use your tablets as a second screen and play directly on the tablet whilst someone else’s uses the console. Ingenious.

Check out the trailer here! And be sure to stay tuned with N3rdabl3 for more Gamescom news!


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