fifa14xboxoneI really hoped that this rumour wasn’t true but it is. In Europe this holiday those that have pre-ordered the Xbox One will get a free copy of EA’s FIFA 14 free of charge. Oh goodie.

Amidst the announcement of FIFA Ultimate Team Legends which is also coming to the Xbox One, EA announced that this holiday season in Europe those that have pre-ordered the Xbox One, including exsisting pre-orders, will get an Xbox One console bundled with a download for FIFA 14. I can’t say that this is something I’m excited about, because that way I’d be lying. For those of you who are sports fans however, yayyy..

I should also remind everyone that this is while stocks last and considering FIFA 13 sold nearly 15 million copies I’m sure they’ll run out pretty quickly.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Leave a comment below!

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