titanfall gamescom2

titanfall gamescom2

Respawn Entertainment damn near stole the show at E3 back in June with the introduction of Titanfall, and the new multiplayer trailer EA threw at us yesterday at Gamescom definitely stole the hearts and minds of those there at Cologne.

EA were keen to show off how the multiplayer of Titanfall will include ground breaking features similar to those found in single player campaigns. These included voiced NPC’s, timed objectives and cut scenes.

The 4 minute long trailer showed how the players team were responsible for locating a pilot who was supposedly essential for victory. titanfall gamescomThe guy turns out to be an arrogant drunk, and requires the involvement of a Titan (mech) to intervene. The game then goes onto what appears to be an ordinary deathmatch, but in actual fact the players team were there as a diversion, merely there to take the attention away from the VIP. From there the match goes to hell, with the players titan being destroyed, and the entire team is forced to retreat back to evacuate.

If we hadn’t been told that was a multiplayer game, I would’ve assumed that it was simply a portion of a mission from the campaign. The transitions from Titan to foot soldier were seamless, the environment looked beautiful and the warfare was brutal. Even the Titans themselves got stuck into the melee combat, with one bayoneting another. The animation was flawless and the whole game looks absolutely amazing.

Titanfall is set to release in 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

You can watch the Titafall Gamescom trailer here, and stay tuned with N3rdabl3 for more Gamescom news!

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